See what our real families say about Elsmore and their lives in our homes.

The Thompson Family

The Thompson’s have been in their six-bedroom family home on Gold Hill for two years.

“There’s so much more space than our old Victorian house. The design and the attention to detail are fantastic. 

It’s so well thought out and makes day-to-day and little things much easier. For example, having a proper larder – I couldn’t be without it. Even the kids get their own floor!

It’s such a comfortable home to live in. We’re very happy here. We can’t fault Elsmore’s level of service or skill as builders.”

Eco and renewable energy technologies in the home have also proved their worth.

“Our gas bills have plummeted. We’re paying not much more now than you would for a one-bedroom flat and the heating’s on all the time.”

The Smith Family

Home for the Smith’s for past four years has been a four-bedroom family house in Lower Bourne.

“Elsmore puts a lot of thought into how people will use things in a room, and where things need to be to suit a practical, modern lifestyle. Space is all well thought out and makes life so much easier.

The children say they love the under floor heating – standard in all Elsmore homes – as well as their bigger bedrooms and the third floor as a recreation room.

The solar panels on the roof pre-heat the water, and with the other eco features keep running costs down.

You have the flexibility and space to use the rooms as you wish, so we use the dining room as a second study.

The house is light, airy, and open plan. And of course as it’s new, you don’t have to do any work to it.”

The Young Family

Only eight months in their Elsmore house and the Young family say it’s their already their favourite home.

“Elsmore came to us highly recommended by friends and agents. The house wasn’t even built when we put in our offer. All we had to go on was the plot and the artist’s impression.

It’s very rare to buy a new house that’s exactly how you want it. Normally with a new build you move in, change things, and put your personal stamp on it. With this house, however, it felt like OUR home from day one.

We came from a five-bed house to this – a four-bed – but even though our last house was larger on floor space, our Elsmore home seems bigger because it’s far better designed with more usable space.

The under-floor heating is fantastic. Even during the winter we had no need to turn on the radiators upstairs. We were walking around in T-shirts all winter because it was so warm and lovely.”

The Rosling Family

The Roslings and their dog Grizzly have been living in their four-bedroom home in Headley Down for the past two years.

“We both originally wanted an older place and all the properties we were looking at were a lot older. We first saw this house when it was three-quarters built and we fell in love with it.

The standard of the build is impeccable. I’ve developed flats myself in the past and have friends who are developers, so really appreciate the high level of workman and craftsmanship involved in an Elsmore build.

It’s the little things too – Elsmore does not scrimp on the non-essential things like outside paving slabs or fencing. Everything is of the highest quality.

It’s great living here. We wouldn’t change anything about it. It’s like a Pandora’s Box inside. People assume it’s a two to three bed house because it looks very understated from the outside but I like that laid back look. It works.”