Located in Hindhead, this custom build has just received planning permission and works will be starting in the beginning of 2024.





The home is a contemporary and modest single storey dwelling with two double bedrooms. The accommodation is arranged around 3 courtyard gardens which contain its outlook whilst providing plenty of light.


It has been designed to ensure the impact on the neighbouring properties is minimised as far as possible, particularly in terms of overlooking, while maintaining privacy for the proposed home. The building is entered via an internal ‘peel away’ porch in the protective curved flanking wall. This leads to a small entrance lobby with cloakroom and storage. Beyond this, moving south though the building, the main reception areas are open plan with tall ceilings and arranged around the central courtyard. 


Sliding doors open into this space to maximise the view of the courtyard and connection between the indoor and outdoor living spaces as well as light within the space. Finally the southernmost part of the building contains the two double bedrooms which have direct access to the southern courtyard.