Making our homes more sustainable with a MVHR system

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Our homes are built with sustainable living as standard. This starts with energy efficiency – by lowering energy bills and making our homes more comfortable to live in and of course for environmental reasons. MVHR systems are a feature in all our new homes. 

What is a MVHR system?

MVHR (mechanical ventilation with heat recovery) is a highly sustainable renewable technology created for improving ventilation in residential and commercial buildings.

Low-energy MVHR systems cut out nearly all risks of ventilation-related heat loss in properties.  They strike the balance required between not losing the energy-efficient benefits of a new build property whilst allowing for appropriate levels of ventilation. 

The drive towards making properties air-tight and more energy efficient has brought many benefits over the years, including better insulation, draught-free homes with lower energy bills. However, due to being more air-tight, the natural ventilation in modern and renovated properties, compared to that of properties built in the 90s and before has decreased quite significantly.

This has the potential to negatively impact people’s health due to poor indoor air quality levels and can lead to moisture in the air, condensation, and mould.

How does MVHR work?

MVHR systems work by drawing fresh air from outside into the unit, which is then filtered. The filtered, clean air is then smartly distributed around the property via air ducts and into rooms via ceiling valves.

Not only this, but the systems also extract stale moist air out of rooms in the home.  The heat from the removed air is then sent into the incoming filtered fresh air that will be redistributed around the home – effectively ‘recovering’ heat from the house.

The units are fitted into properties, often out of sight in lofts or utility rooms.


The benefits of MVHR systems

As well as the obvious benefit of improving air quality in our homes, MVHR systems also bring various other advantages, including:

  • Compared to conventional air conditioning systems, MVHR systems use significantly less energy.
  • MVHR units can help homes to become more energy efficient by having less requirement to use other heat sources.
  • They eliminate the need to have window vents and extractor fans, which often lead to heat loss and excess noise.
  • A constant supply of fresh filtered air can help with health issues such as easing symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • Reduced condensation, mould and mildew in the home and associated musty odours.
  • MVHR systems have proven to be very reliable with easy-to-manage annual maintenance.


We design and build modern homes to the highest quality possible, with the practical needs of the family at the heart.  This involves using the latest sustainable technologies such as MVHR, to lower the impact on the environment and lower our homes’ running costs. 

To learn more about Elsmore Homes and our energy efficiency measures please get in touch.